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You’re Invited…




In Calligraphy, Videos

On 23, May 2012 | 15 Comments | In Calligraphy, Videos |

I recently did a super fun order for a small batch of handmade invitations to a surprise birthday party (more on that soon, once the surprise has been sprung!). One element of the invitations was writing on navy enclosure cards with sparkling gold ink. Due to its strange texture, glittery ink can be a challenge for calligraphers and requires reinking the nib a lot more than with other inks. I know many of my readers are amateur calligraphers who’ve asked me about this, so without further ado, here is a quick video of the process.

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  1. That is so impressive. I came across your website a little while ago and it has seriously made me want to spend more time writing beautifully and less time typing on my laptop.

  2. Thank you, Michelle! A huge part of why I love calligraphy so much is that it gets me away from my computer and the resulting “screen strain”.


  3. Gorgeous!!! I can do basic inks but this was a nice visual for some of the harder to work with inks. I love your site! Thanks for the continuous inspiration and beautiful work! :)

  4. I am so glad it helped and inspired you, Brianna!

  5. That was absolutely amazing! You truly have a gift and make it look effortlessly. Loved seeing it in action!

  6. Amy

    Love your work Molly – constantly inspired by what you do and how well you do it.

  7. Hannah

    Are you mixing the ink with water? Love the video, by the way!

  8. Hi Hannah!

    The ink in this video is not mixed with anything. Because it’s hard to dip my pen into the ink bottle I used an eye dropper to transfer some into a little glass ink well, but it is not diluted. This particular ink has such a high concentration of glitter that, if thinned with water, it doesn’t evenly dilute, so what you’d end up with is watery goldish ink with clumps of glitter throughout.


  9. Veronica

    Wow! I loved the video. You make it look so effortless. I was wondering what nib you’re using in the video. And is that one your favorite?

    • Hi Veronica,

      I am using a Brause EF66. For thin hairlines and lettering of that size, yes, it is my favorite!


  10. Wow! Beautiful. I love this. I hand painted all of the addresses for my wedding and it was very time consuming…but for me easier than using a calligraphy pen. Someday I will spend time learning this art!

  11. Kim

    Thanks so much for the video! I just purchased this ink and was trying it out for the first time today. Yep… It’s going to take a bit of practicing in order for me to get it right for holiday cards this year. heh.

  12. Hi Kim,

    I’d love to see some of your work if you’d like to share. You can email me:

    Best of luck with the glitter!

  13. AleksandraRoo

    What brand is this ink? Beautiful work!!!

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