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My New Book: Modern Calligraphy




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Many of you have already discovered that I’m coming out with a how-to guide to modern, script calligraphy. I’ve posted teasers for it here and there, and it’s made appearances in a few places around the blogosphere, but here is the official announcement! It’s been 2 years in the making, since the day I signed on with my amazing literary agent until today, a month before it hits the shelves. (I’ve had to keep my lips sealed about it until this month!) Advance copies are out to magazines, bloggers and retailers, boxes of it are being flown to stores around the country, and here I sit, brimming with emotions ranging from immense gratitude to all who had a hand in this endeavor, to nail-biting nervousness about how the world will react to my labor of love. (And that doesn’t even touch on how I felt when I got to hold a printed copy in my hands for the first time.)


What you’ll find within the 192 pages of Modern Calligraphy:


  • Complete beginner instructions from buying supplies to holding the pen to learning to write
  • Special instructions for lefties
  • 14 pages of lettering specimens in modern script styles
  • Guidance on how to create your own unique calligraphy style
  • Intermediate techniques like how to write with paint and digitize your lettering
  • 20 unique DIY projects for stationery, weddings, and home
  • Over 260 full-color photographs and illustrations

Don’t take it from me. Here’s what others are already saying:


“Molly’s book will not disappoint if you are a lettering enthusiast and have questions that you feel still need answering (for the modern calligrapher there is a huge need for a resource like this). At nearly 200 pages she has covered everything from getting started, utilizing different mediums (such as watercolor) to create stunning effects, to an extensive DIY section. Molly also divulges many of her resources (that alone should be well worth the price invested). As a novice to modern calligraphy I am always on the hunt for specimens to reference so I can build on them and hopefully one day create my own distinct style(s). Molly generously has created 14 pages of gorgeous specimens, multiple variations on each letter and in turn unlimited inspiration to try this yourself.  I am thrilled that this book exists and it will be my go-to referral for anyone that contacts me and asks, ‘help!, where do I start?’”  — Miss Tristan B. of Bestotted Brand*

*Among the recent features of Modern Calligraphy have been two write-ups by Miss Tristan B. on Besotted Blog. One is a review of my book and the other an interview with me where I share how I got started, my favorite supplies, and where I seek inspiration.

“I’m fortunate in that I work for a book distribution company specializing in art & craft titles so I receive advance sample copies of new books. I fell in love with Molly’s book a few weeks ago. Molly’s book reimported me to follow my love of calligraphy. I have since invested in pen nibs, ink and paper (which I’ve always swooned over!) and I’m practicing everyday. I also draw and paint so I am inspired to incorporate all of these skills to create stationery products and wedding invitations.”  — Kathy Glynn


Pre-Order Modern Calligraphy

If you want Modern Calligraphy on your doorstep on the very day of its release, September 24th, you can pre-order it from these online retailers:   |   barnes & noble   |   indiebound


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  1. Molly, I already know you book is going to be a HUGE success, congrats and thank you for creating such a wonderful resource!

  2. been a fan of you and your work since the moment i got into calligraphy and lettering. you’ve been so generous with your time in giving advice and have quickly answered any questions i’ve emailed you about, so i CANNOT wait to pick up a copy of your book! congrats on… writing a book?! what?! that must feel amazing! :)

  3. Hi Molly, just preordered the book and am really looking forward to it. Will you be having any book signing events around LA?

  4. This will be the best book ever! I don’t think anything like this exists!

  5. Hey Molly! Félicitations !!

    I found your website over a year ago, through searching for “pointed pen + france” ( and “plume + l’écriture anglaise” and other permutations), as I was trying to find out what kind of calligraphy love might be happening here in my adoptive country. :) Your calligraphy and francophilia landed me on your bio page, as I said over at Ms. Tristan’s. Since then, I’ve kept up with your website and read all your news with interest. Your style is really fresh and your design is ‘impec’– it’s always a pleasure to look through your project photos. I never picked up that this was in the works, but it’s really wonderful and I wish you much success! I’m looking forward to October– my copy is pre-ordered now. Tu aura un succès fou, c’est sur !

  6. Come to Colorado for a book signing! Congrats for a job well done.

  7. I pre-ordered mine last week when I saw the little image in your right hand side bar. I seriously can’t wait until late September when it arrives :)

  8. I just pre-ordered my copy! Not because I plan to start doing my own calligraphy (I’ll keep having you do that), but because I cannot wait to see your beautiful new book. You must be so excited and should be very, very proud.

  9. Congratulations on this thrilling news! I got an e-mail this morning that my copy has been shipped. Now just to wait impatiently for it to arrive… what a huge delight it must be to have arrived at this stage. Thank you for undertaking this project!

  10. My books just arrived! What a generous gesture of you to share your knowledge of modern calligraphy with the world. The book is just beautiful and I purchased several copies to give ad gifts. Congratulations!

    Cannell and Annemarie

  11. Hey Molly,

    I received my book today and I am SO excited!!! I can’t wait to read through it from beginning to end! I love your work and you have truly inspired me to take my calligraphy in a whole new direction. I thought I would also mention that I’m on a first name basis with you now. Anytime I mention “Molly” to my husband he knows exactly who I’m talking about, haha! Thank you so much for all of the hard work and dedication you put into creating this book and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with other aspiring calligraphers. I wish you the best!

  12. Hello, I am in love with your work and want to get your book. I’m from Asia and was wondering if your book is coming out in PDF/ebook?

  13. Hi, lovely Molly!! I’ve received your book and am in love!! This is the best calligraphy instruction manual I’ve seen- I’ve dug right in!! Thank you is an understatement for my gratitude for your work. I’ve searched for years for a manual to break it down from the beginning, and until your book, there wasn’t one out there in my opinion. I do have one question about how you recommend to clean nibs after practice or use? How long do you recommend to use a nib before cleaning it? Again, thank you ever so much for your tremendous contribution to the world of modern calligraphy!

  14. Molly I just came across your book – it’s absolutely beautiful and so comprehensive. I have been looking for a way to step my practice of hand lettering for a while. Your book fit the bill exactly. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your calligraphy super powers.

    • Thank you, Karina! I’m so glad my book has helped you in your work.

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